For any business, customer loyalty is something you should strive for. Repeat customers spend almost seventy percent more than one-time customers in any business. Setting up programs and initiatives for your customers will ensure that they will keep coming back and also tell their friends about it too.

Communication with Customers

Keeping an open channel of communication with your customers is key to developing customer loyalty. Let your customers know what it going on with your and your business. Highlight new products or services that you and your business are developing and how it will affect the work that you do. Any news or updates that you can communicate to your customers will help them interact with your business. Tell your customers how the new products or services will benefit them.


One example of an incentive for customers to come back is as simple as a punch card. Many coffee shops use this method to keep people coming back to their shop and eventually earn a free drink after a few purchases. Customer loyalty programs work in a very similar way. A company like Starbucks give their customers customer loyalty cards to use whenever they purchase their items. The card is similar to a credit card but is not used to purchase products, rather store points for every purchase a customer makes. Paired with a free Starbucks app, workers can identify orders that their customers have purchased previously and make recommendations based on their purchase history.


A great way to get your customers involved as well as learn what you can do better in your business is to ask your customers for feedback. This can be a great way to evaluate your performance and get to know your customers better. Feedback will also give your customers the feeling of being directly involved in the improvement of your business. It is important to take some of the feedback from your customers seriously but also with a grain of salt. If you choose to undertake some changes based off of the feedback, let your customers know that you have done so. Seeing that their feedback has caused positive change in your business will get them involved and create a great opportunity for customer loyalty.