Airbnb’s popularity is rocketing among travelers looking for accommodations that are less expensive than conventional hotels or have something unique to offer. It’s also proving to be a surprisingly profitable venture for homeowners with extra space to rent. Home-sharing rentals are a win-win for both travelers and homeowners, but to attract consistent bookings at top dollar, it’s critical to follow a few simple rules.

Make Listings Shine

Potential clients want to be able to see themselves in a rental space and feel comfortable at a gut level. Top-quality photographs should include views of the main living space and feature both its amenities and character. Expect to spend at least a few hours a month answering browser’s inquiries, so the more the photos say, the better.

Be Honest

Airbnb guests don’t expect to have a concierge on speed dial, but they do expect an honest representation of the property. If the listing says “gourmet kitchen,” expect a negative review if all they get is a can opener and a toaster oven.

Make the Price Right

Saving money isn’t the only benefit to booking with Airbnb, but it’s a big one. Competitively priced listings are booked more consistently and when clients feel they’re getting a great value, the 5-star reviews they leave attract more interest in the property.

Extras Make a Difference

Rental hosts aren’t expected to offer more than what’s outlined in the listing agreement. If the stay is a bargain, travelers don’t expect many extras, but because success or failure with Airbnb hinges on positive client reviews, a few inexpensive toiletries, a newspaper or a thoughtfully stocked kitchen pantry can be parlayed into a huge return on investment.

Make it Convenient

Check-in and check-out times loom over vacations like a dark cloud. Install a lock box, and guests can arrive on their terms without a midnight meeting to hand off keys.

Be Pet-Friendly

Pet-friendly Airbnb rentals fill a niche hotels don’t. Don’t just allow pets, cater to them. A fenced-in yard and free end-of-stay pooper scooper services make a property a dog-owner’s best friend.

The key to making money on Airbnb is no secret. Treat all guests to a comfortable, convenient, personalized stay and watch the income roll in.