Newbie Training 101 – I will tell you step by step how to be successful without fear of creating competition because only 1 of 1,000 has the conviction, the tenacity, the drive, or the will to be consistency consistent in showing up and doing it.

Business Development:

1. Database

this is your lifeline! Do not start calling clients without an organized, solid database. You have to be a BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXPERT, you cannot without a Rockstar database. Don’t bullshit yourself trash in is trash out.

2. Cold Calling

you are trying to get a proposal not listing. Every call you should try for a good email address, leases, rent, tenant info, etc…. a. When you get someone on the phone:

i. Ask for proposal on their property multiple times in different ways. We will discuss.
ii. What else you own? Can I do a proposal for those properties?
iii. Are you a buyer? Are you in the market? Are you in 1031?
iv. No proposal, no buyer, what about refinance? You can make referral checks, we know best mortgage brokers in the country

3. Present proposal to Client with Senior/Mentor.

They will assess and close for the listing with you.

4. Listings / Reps

Your 1st 3 years you need to make sure to get reps/listing agreements signed until you have skill set and relationships to slam or put together off market deals.
i. Listing Agreements are the tickets to play the game for the first 3 years.
ii. You do not have the skill set of knowing when people are stealing your time yet. Get listings! “List to Last” in this business.
Vinco Dictionary definition of Business Development Expert – You are a machine, you are obsessed with getting proposals you want proposals more than you want to check your dumbass facebook account or doing things your broke friends do instead of being successful. You realize this is not a 9-5 job. You make calls, make leads, plant seeds, water them, follow up, follow up again until you get the proposal the listing the information you seek.

5. Escrows


Your first few years, I would let your senior handle and take lead but pay attention and learn but keep making calls and getting listings your senior will make the closing much more probable than you will. You can not make more money mirco managing your deals, let the senior do it while you BUSINESS DEVELOP until you feel confident you can fire your senior.

6. Cash Check and REPEAT

Your first three years its 100% a numbers game. It is very very simple. You have to be obsessed with hitting your numbers and not bull shiting yourself.

You make 300 calls a week = 15,000 a year
You get 3 proposals a week = 150 a year (12 A month if you make the calls this is very very doable)
150 proposal year one = 20 listings = $250k

Year two you have 150 proposals PLUS 150 follow ups from year one = 30-40 listings and $400k+

Year three 150 proposals plus plus = a lot of listings and closings and money and it keeps growing.

You have to stay committed to being a BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXPERT though, do not get lost in the bullshit non income producing nonsense time wasting traps. This is your business though, no one else can make you do it, you have to become obsessed with your own success.