Networking is extremely important in any industry to being able to build relationships with others, gain invaluable advice, and make connections that can help you further your career. It’s not only about what you know but also who you know, especially in the real estate industry.

Be Intentional

Grabbing as many business cards as you can at a networking event or talking to as many people as possible isn’t going to get you far with building and maintaining relationships. It is important to be intentional with your networking and take the time to have a conversation and leave on impression on the people that you are talking to. Think about your short term and long term goals and who can help give you advice or be a valuable connection to help you reach them.

Attend Industry and Community Events

Attending networking and industry events that are of value to your goals is another great way to network. It is important to not only talk to people in your area as a real estate agent but also connect with others who are outside your area as well as outside of your industry. Especially in the commercial real estate niche, you never know who could potentially be a new client or refer someone to you. Also, you can get great advice from people who are outside of your industry that can give you valuable insight into how to better market and career tips in general.

Get Involved In The Community

Getting involved in your community by sponsoring local events, being on the radio or TV, or volunteering is a great way for real estate agents to not only give back to the community they do business in, but also get to know their cliental and the area better. As a real estate agent, you will come across and do business with all different types of people. Helping out in the community and developing your people skills in general will give you a leg up on the competition. In addition, knowing the market that you are selling in as well as what types of businesses would thrive in the community also positions you as more reputable in the eyes of your buyer or seller.

Networking is extremely important for real estate agents to grow their clientele as well as grow in their career. From industry events to local community events there is always an opportunity to make a new connection that will be invaluable.